A group of friends of various genders gather together at a party.

Welcome to the Trans Youth Justice Project

The TYJP is a leadership development and political education program for trans youth ages 16-22 that is grounded in a racial and gender justice framework. The goals of the project are to increase the capacity and resilience of trans youth, develop youth leaders, and contribute to addressing social, educational, and health inequalities.

The TYJP curriculum is freely available for anyone to use under a Creative Commons license.

What we’ve been up to…

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What youth are saying

A genderqueer person with green hair touches their cheek with a makeup sponge
Credit: The Gender Spectrum Collection

“Before the program I knew nothing about trans history or social justice. It’s never taught in schools.”

-Jax, 16

Two transmasculine people sitting together and having a serious conversation.
Credit: The Gender Spectrum Collection

“I’m SO thankful for the vulnerability that this space held and I’m glad a program like this doesn’t let individuals feel lonely in their trans experience, especially when it intersects with race, class, etc.”

-Angel, 18

Two students, a transgender woman and a non-binary femme, holding hands in a school bathroom.
Credit: The Gender Spectrum Collection

“The TYJP is needed so people like us know that we aren’t alone, that we can find joy with people like us. A lot of queer and trans spaces are very white, and being ‘included’ is not the same as being centered.”

-Gwae, 20

An illustrated power fist in the pink, blue, and white colors of the trans pride flag in front of black background

Why it’s important

Research demonstrates that when trans folks experience connection to a broader trans community they have…

  • improved mental health
  • better connection to services
  • increased support in gender identity exploration

Developing critical consciousness and leadership skills for trans liberation helps trans youth both survive and thrive.

The TYJP is a collaboration between